The Future Is in The Cloud – Are You Ready?

The Cloud: Where Today’s Visionaries Build Tomorrow’s Reality


Our objective is to provide a cost-effective solution for designing and overseeing your digital infrastructure to maximise uptime and uphold a robust level of secured performance. Jarodo offers a comprehensive suite of flexible and scalable solutions, empowering our customers to expand their businesses while effectively managing risk and ensuring compliance. Our established areas of expertise include:


Centralized and easily accessible storage for data and files using various devices

Reliability and Redundancy

Multiple data centres with redundancy, ensuring high availability

Data Security

Offering advanced encryption, authentication, and access controls


Fine-tune and optimize cloud resources to ensure cost-effectiveness and performance

Broad Network Access

Store and manage your files in one central place in the cloud, and analyze big data for useful insights


Based on our experience with multiple cloud deployments, we help you plan for the demands your applications and users will place on your hosting and network infrastructure. We also help strategise for future growth. Our team of experts thoroughly assesses your backup, redundancy, and disaster recovery options to configure and migrate your environment seamlessly.

The outcome is a smooth transition to agile, efficient, and highly-available cloud infrastructure that offers valuable benefits:

Industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for cloud hosting/computing and data storage

Optimized Cloud Storage Area Network (SAN) configuration for cost-effective data storage

Support for Microsoft Azure Servers, Linux Servers, VMware environments, and Hyper-V

Predictable monthly billing for cloud hosting and data storage

Competitive pricing based on adjustable usage parameters

Support for various applications, including mobile, corporate, rich media,and development sites

An advanced trouble ticketing system for efficient management of any cloud-hosted platform

Jarodo prioritizes tailoring our cloud hosting solutions to meet your specific business needs, rather than merely focusing on increasing server density for higher profit margins

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud migration services encompass the strategies and tools employed by businesses to transition to the cloud. Major cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and Google offer a variety of tools and services specifically designed to facilitate the migration of workloads and applications. These services play a crucial role in streamlining the transition, ensuring a smooth and efficient move to the cloud environment.


Jarodo offers solutions to aid in your digital transformation and modernization efforts. Our readiness assessment is a valuable tool to assist you in evaluating the costs and benefits associated with the transformation, enabling you to make informed and strategic decisions for your business.

Comprehensive Migration Services

Jarodo offers tailored solutions to facilitate your digital transformation and modernization endeavours. Our readiness assessment is designed to assist you in evaluating the costs and benefits, enabling well-informed decision-making.

Application Modernization

Relying on our proven methodology and tools, we navigate the complexities of migration and application modernization. For each client, we meticulously craft a custom scope of work, clearly outlining timelines and costs to ensure a transparent and efficient process.

Traditional Migration

Our specialized services are structured to seamlessly migrate entire data centres and individual workloads to the cloud. This involves providing a reliable schedule and cost estimate, ensuring a predictable transition and offering a dependable Operational Expenditure (OpEx) forecast for post-migration operations.

Why do clients trust us?

Secure Cloud filter

We collaborate with reputable data centre providers worldwide, ensuring their equipment is housed in certified facilities compliant with ISO 27001 standards. Jarodo verifies the presence of this equipment in these facilities and ensures the certifications are current.

For tasks involving sensitive or production workloads, it is advised to activate the "secure cloud" filter, identifiable by the blue data centre label.  

We specialize in cloud computing, matchmaking, and aggregation services aimed at minimizing the expenses associated with compute-intensive tasks. Our software empowers individuals to effortlessly convert their hardware into hosting resources by offering them for rent. Users can efficiently discover optimal compute deals tailored to their unique needs through our intuitive web search interface.


We strive to make cloud computing as accessible, efficient and simple as possible through modern GPUs, flexible pricing and continuous service improvement.

With the cloud, IT is no longer a product, it is a service.